Canine Physiotherapy
Canine Physiotherapy
Fisicán Fisioterapia canina Hundephysiotherapie Canine Physiotherapy
FisicánFisioterapia caninaHundephysiotherapieCanine Physiotherapy 

As well we humans our dogs suffer from pain due to wrong posture or just because of their age. However, they are able to hide these pain for a long time, and when we notice them, they often have already forgotten normal movements. Canine physiotherapy is an excellent means to correct abnormal gait patterns, but does NEVER replace the attendance of a vet to get a reliable diagnosis of the reason of these pain.

The main objectives are pain relief, retrieval and preservation of joint mobility, building and stabilization of muscles as well as re-learning of normal movements, efficiency and quality of life of our dogs will be maintained or improved by relaxing or stimulating massages.
Canine physiotherapy is applied to problems of the nervous system and muscles, degenerative skeletal disorders, and congenital or hereditary malformations (e.g. Hip- or Elbow Dysplasia).

- Deseases of the muscoskelettal system

- Osteoarthritis
- Dysplasia
- Spinal column deseases (e.g. Syndrome of Cauda-Equina, Spondylosis)

- Intervertebral disc prolapse
- Nerve desease
- Paralysis

- Treatment before and after operations:
- Bone fractures
- Cruciate ligament rupture
- Dislocation of kneecap 
- Dislocation of joints

- Treatment after accidents

- Therapeutical massage and tonification of muscles 
- Passive movements and stretching 
- Active movements 
- Manual therapy
- Cryotherapy 
- Heat treatment 
- Respitatory therapy 
- Treatment with magnetic field 
- Electrical stimulation (TENS)
- Neurological therapy 
- Treatment of scars 
- Lymphatic drainage

- Low Level Laser Therapy (Acupuncture by laser)


Born and raised in Germany I first studied  Business Administration for Tourism, came to Gran Canaria in 1988 and worked for an airline at the airport.
As a child already I loved animals, especially dogs, and for many years I had an English Cocker Spaniel, who, at the age of 11, suffered from arthrosis in his hindlegs and spondylosis in the spinal column. Pain killers were prescribed
Looking for alternatives I learned that there existed canine physiotherapy in Germany and, with my beloved Felix, I spent a 2 week vacation with daily visits at a canine physiotherapist's . There was no witchcraft, but he started to move better and getting up in the morning with cold muscles gave him less thouble from then on.
With some homework, especially compiled for him, we returned to Gran Canaria, executed this daily workout, I had the feeling of doing something for my dog and the best was: He did not need any pain medication because his hind leg- and back muscles had strengthened thanks to the massages and exercises. He could still enjoy another four years free of pain.

After this experience the desire to help other dods began to grow. I decided to study canine physiotherapy, which in Spain has not been known at all or only as a branch of veterinary medicine, and I was looking for training facilities in Germany. As I was still working at the airport, I completed a correspondence course and joined the practical lessons and tests during my vacation.
In March 2011, I passed the state-approved correspondence course of ZFU (State Center for Correspondence Degree Course of Study) as a canine physiotherapist according to Blümchen/Woßlick® with written, veterinary and canine physiotherapy exams.

Sinde December 2011 I am working independently in this profession that daily fills me with joy and satisfaction observing progress in the invalid dogs I am dealing with.

(With a short tail wagging a dog can express more emotion than some people talking for hours - Louis Armstrong)


Prices (No surcharge up to 40 kilometers, any following 0,20 €/km)
- Initial meeting with detailed examination (duration 60 - 90 Minuten)             50-65 €
  > Please have veterinary diagnoses and x-rays on hand, if available <

- Treatment approx. 30-45 minutes                                                                       35 €
- 10 sessions                                                                                                       300 €
- Therapeutic Swimming (in private heated pool) starting in April/May                 20 €

Classes / Workshops 2022
May: Workshop "Preserve the Mobility of your Dog"

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Further Education
August 2012 Nuremberg/Germany
 Animal-assisted Therapy at "PädDog's"


September 2012 Löffingen/Germany
 Seminar Stress, Fear, Trauma at Hundezentrum "Teamcanin"


March 2013 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria/Spain
 Animals and Bach Flowers at "Canservan Canarias"


July 2013 Nuremberg/Germany
 Seminar Dorn method / Breuss-Massage for dogs conducted by Susanne Schmitt, "Dorn Therapiezentrum für Hunde"


May 2016 Dusseldorf /Germany
 Controlled Laser-acupuncture (LLLT) by "Dr. med. vet. Astrid Dahl"